Fancy Galleries Available for Your WordPress Site through Jetpack

Photo galleries for your WordPress site recently got so much fancier with Tiled Galleries through the free Jetpack plugin! Here are what galleries used to look like:

And here is the new and improved tiled gallery:

Be sure to hover over the images and see the captions pop up. Plus click on any image and experience Jetpack’s full-screen carousel gallery to see the images close up!

You might be saying, “I’ve got to have it!”

You are in luck because I’m going to walk you through how to add this function to your site today.

How to activate Tiled Galleries and Carousel Galleries through Jetpack on your WordPress site:

1. Check to see if you already have the Jetpack plugin installed on your site. If you don’t, you will need to install the plugin.

2. Click on “Plugins.” Click “Add New”, then search for “Jetpack.” The top entry should be “Jetpack by” Click to “Install Now”. Once successfully installed, click “Activate plugin.”

3. To make Jetpack work, you will need a free account. (Note you don’t need to sign up for a new blog to get this account, there is a backdoor to sign up without registering a new site.) Here’s the link to sign up:

4. After you have set up a new username and password for, go into Jetpack on your WP Dashboard. (It sits just below the link “Dashboard” on the far left). There should be a large blue message box at the top asking you to connect with your account. Click the “Connect to WordPress” button. If you are still logged in to your account, it will ask you if you want to connect. Otherwise put in your username and password that you just created. Click to “Authorize Jetpack.”

5. To activate the Tiled Galleries, click the blue “Activate” button in that box. Then click “Configure.” This will bring you to the Media Settings page, check the box next to “Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic.”

6. To activate the carousel function, click the blue “Activate” button under “Carousel.” Then click to “Configure.” You will be taken to the same Media Setting page where you can select whether you want metadata to appear in your carousel gallery and whether you would like the background of your gallery to be black or white.

How to add a Tiled Gallery:

1. Start a new post or page.

2. Click Add Media. Upload the images you want included in your gallery. Click the link on far left “Create Gallery.”

3. Select the images (they will appear with a blue check box on them) that you want to include in your gallery. Click “Create new gallery.” Then you will have the option of changing the order of the images and adding captions.

4. Choose a type for your gallery. My favorite is “Tiled Mosaic,” but check out the other options as well (see below). Click “Insert Gallery.”

To go back in an edit the gallery, be sure you are editing your post from the visual editor (not the text editor) and click on the gallery box in the editor. An option will appear in the left-hand corner to edit the gallery. Click that image and you will be taken back to the gallery. Drag images around to change the order of the images. You can also add additional images to the gallery by dragging new images from your desktop to your browser.

Note that if you already have galleries on your site, you will have to add a new tiled gallery with the same images. It won’t just change them over to the new tiled gallery.

How to add the Carousel Gallery:

If you followed the instructions above, then you already did! The only thing needed to make the carousel function work is to activate it with the steps at the top of the post. It should work with any new gallery that you insert onto your site.

A few other options available in Tiled Galleries include:







This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you will take advantage of these great new gallery options to make your WordPress site look sharper than ever! If you are intimidated by the instructions above and need help implementing Jetpack or inserting galleries on your site, please contact me.


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